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Malicious Mike , a resident of Tampa Florida, originally from Ft. Lauderdale/Miami Florida, has been a Dj since the age of 15. Starting out with his friends in the mid 80's break dancing era, Malicious Mike took an instant interest in music, performing, and producing. Mike spun parties and club gigs through out the state experiencing the change of taste through out the dance community. As a fulltime resident Dj for many clubs over the years, Malicious Mike's taste was always leaning to the underground sound. Malicious Mike grew up in the era of Dynamix 2, African Bambatta, Planet Patrol, Megatron, Al Nafish, Kraftwerk, and many other 80's electro groups and producers. As electronica started to expand and groups got harder and meaner with their styles, Mike decided to take out his furies out on crowds by getting into big blow up music that makes a club explode. Malicious Mike teamed up with Dj X from Xquizit Records to begin production of Funky Electro Breaks. Malicious Mike has release several tracks on Xquizit Records, and been part of many remix project on several labels. Xquizit Records has been and always will be a part of Malicious Mike's life and career but Mike is following his longtime dream of forming his own label to give a home for new producers and help by adding support to the underground scene with a strong force of Electronic power from a strong family of producers.
Malicious Mike would like to say.

Jimmy Rhodes There are very few who have been able to master one, let alone all of the arts of Djing, producing, songwriting, and remixing. Jimmy Rhodes is one of those distinctly gifted few. A native to Florida, and therefore a prodigal son of the Florida scene, he has built himself a collection of talents that is unparalleled in the realm of dance music. In addition, he has helped to establish some of the most influential resources of ground-breaking music in the southeast: Malicious Recordings and Thugway Records. He has the ability to build something genuinely unique while behind the turntables or in the studio: hours upon hours of dancefloor euphoria. Taking influences from a broad range of sources, Jimmy is able to craft these works and present them to the world in a way that connects listeners to the music in ways never-before thought possible. Taking his audience on a voyage, testing the limits of the craft he has chosen. Since 1993, his art has graced dozens of records and compilations, most-recently contributing the innovative "GO" for the opening track of BabyAnne's Mixtress CD. It is his uncanny ability to deliver such an experience that has made him one of the most sought-after and respected artists working in the industry today.

DJ Corrupt , After years of hanging with la's late night superstars, Dj Scrub, Johnny Cage, and DJ Trashy, Corrupt moved his passion for electronic breaks to a newly built studio and has been independantly creating a new sound in dark Louisiana breakbeat. Also as a newly established Dj, Corrupt has also been turning heads with his flawless mixing skills that speak for themselves. What can we say when you hang and learn from the best, you are gonna one day become one of the best.

D-Zam , a resident of Baton Rouge Louisiana, is one of the newest producers to hit the scene. D-Zam's new sound is one to be reckoned with. D-Zam has created a new sound that is his own. D-Zam sound can be said to sound like a combination of hard funky electro with an intelligent new school attitude without getting into a monotonous mode. D-Zam has taken his years of djing and music listening to another level by representing his own Malicious Flava.

Dj Rose is currently a resident of Tampa Bay Florida and known throughout his hometown for his star-studded live radio show, The X-Factory on Wild98.7. Rose has appeared as a guest Dj at several nightclubs in the breaks circuit and held residencies at Tampa's largest underground clubs. DJ Rose's X-Factory show has been Tampa's elite late night style rave show where Rose breaks out unreleased music for the Bay area every Friday and Saturday nights from 1Am till 6Am, blowing his popularity through the roof. Dj Rose has done and will continue to do partnership production projects with his close friend DJ Sharaz on Sharaz's ever so popular label, 941 electro.

Dj Cinto , a current resident of Vancouver BC Canada, has just established himself as a Dj/Producer with his new signature speed garage sound blending in with straight beat and his own new blend of garage breaks. Cinto has been spinning the biggest parties throughout Canada bringing up and making names for many of Florida's breaks producers such as Malicious Mike, Dj X, Dj Spice, Debbie D, Doc Roc and several others in which we all owe a great debt of gratitude for making us known to a new country and scene where we wouldn't have otherwise been exposed.

Oliver Twyst , a resident of Lafayette Louisiana is not a new bee to the dance community. Along with spinning at some of the hottest clubs and late night parties in Louisiana, Oliver Twyst has had previous releases. Oliver Twyst has a sound of serious Funk showing his love for Funky Breaks. His last release, Don't go with a Johnny Cage remix set the breaks scene up for a hunger for more of the Twyst. Oliver Twyst strives to take Funky Break to a new level and promises to deliver more of his Funk.
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